National Bureau of Statistics
Data Entry (Temporary)





[RFP No: PSSP-AF/1.1/C/07]

Hiring Office:

National Bureau of Statistics

Number of Contract staffs hiring:

 Data entry 2  staff (Temporary)


Contract staff to Support National Bureau of Statistics in the preparation and implementation of Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) 2019-2020


Main task

The contract staff will carry out the following tasks:

-          Design the questionnaires using the appropriate software such as CorelDraw both English and Dhivehi. The questionnaire should be reader friendly and in a proper format.

-          Translate the questionnaires into Dhivehi

-          Assist NBS in the preparation of pretest and actively involved in the data collection of pretest

-          Assist in improving the conversion table needed for the food consumption estimates by field visits and weighing the products

-          Developing photo referencing materials by taking required pictures for use in survey

-          Assist in preparing the relevant national codes and classification systems for use in survey

-          Develop survey training materials and conduct the trainings as an assistant trainer

-          Develop the enumerator’s manual

-          Prepare the block maps needed for the field operation

-          Preparation for the pilot survey and carry out field work

-          Logistic arrangements of the field work. This includes preparing the flyers, enumerator recruitment process, hiring translators and sending letters to the relevant organizations/ offices,

-          Supervision of the field work during the actual survey period, validating the data to ensure high level of data quality

-          Collect the required documents from the relevant ministries/ agencies to conduct the field operation in resorts and industrial islands

-          Data coding such as ISEC, ISCO, ISCED once the data is collected

-          Produce administrative report on the activities undertaken and issues identified during the preparation and implementation stage


Note: The Staff will perform the work in coordination with the technical team from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) that is executing the project


Duration and working schedule:

4 months (end of April 2020)

Place where services are to be delivered:

National Bureau of Statistics, and when required to travel to islands

Supervisory arrangements:

The Staff will be managed by NBS


Expected travel:

Travel to islands and within Male’ area

Required  qualifications

Primary expertise required:

  • G.C.E A’ level or above with the background of statistics or mathematics or economics or social science or computing or related fields or equivalent work experience. Or G.C.E A’ level and field experience in census or surveys will be given priority.

competencies, including language requirements:

  • At least 2 years’ experience in Statistics or related area or
  • Substantial knowledge and experience in conducting Surveys and data collection
  • Good working knowledge of computing and the requirements of various uses for statistics is preferred.
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills in English language and Dhivehi language.
  • Can spare more hours in the working environment
  • Leadership quality and managing teams

Functional Competencies  and Behavioural Competencies:


  • Good analytical, writing, and presentation skills. Fluency in reading, writing, and speaking both Dhivehi and English.
  • Computer skills, Excel, CorelDraw and various office applications. Demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural environment and establish harmonious and effective working relationships, both within and outside the organization.
  • Proven leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills. Ability to work under limited timing would be an asset.

Other relevant information or special conditions, if any:


A daily remuneration of MVR 500 per working day will be paid at the end of each month

Additional allowance:

For the field days:

 If enumerator role - MVR 500 per working days will be paid

 If supervisor role -  MVR 550 per working days will be paid

 For the trainers:  MVR 570 per day will be paid for the training provided days



Interested applicants should submit:

  1. Submit civil service form with the following information: 
  2. Detailed CV.
  3. Accredited and attested copies of academic qualifications.
  4. Reference letters and/or recommendations letters of previous work engagements. Peer reference letters are optional.
  5. Copy of national ID.



If the required qualifications mentioned are met, only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for an interview.

 Staffs will be selected after taking into account both the academic and as well as the interview. The applicant that scores the highest marks will be selected.

Selected applicant would be signing a contract and this contract based and only valid for a specified duration of time.

  1. All applications must include on or before 12:00 hours on 9 January 2020 (Thursday).


For  more information:

Phone: +960 3008407

              E-mail:[email protected]


29 December 2019