Regional Airports Company Limited
Recruitment - HRF



Security Agents

Required No.



Hoarafushi Airport   

Minimum Qualification & Experience

Completed O’ Level 3 passes


Basic Literacy with minimum 1 year of relevant work experience

Additional requirement:

  • Able to read and write.
  • Ability to complete the physical fitness test (IPPT) during the interview process


  • Conducted regular patrols for suspicious activity or persons.
  • Identified and reported to supervisor all potential and observed violations of airport security policy.
  • Responded promptly and rationally to all emergencies.
  • Responded to all safety hotline calls promptly and efficiently.
  • Assisted with heavy luggage transport as needed.
  • Prevented unauthorized access to restricted areas.
  • Inspected all vehicles prior to entering air operation areas.
  • Monitored travelers and staff for unusual or suspicious behavior.
  • Identified questioned and directed any suspects to supervisor.
  • Coordinated with other airport staff in upholding security operations.

Basic Salary

MVR 6,500.00

Daily Allowance per working day

MVR 150.00

   Below are the details of the additional documents that are required along with the “Application form”.

  • Passport size photo (Not older than 03 months)
  • ID Card / Passport copy
  • Educational / Training certificates
  • Police Report (Not older than 03 months)
  • CV
  • Job reference letter (If any)
  • Job reference letter (If any)

 Application Process: Send the complete "Job Application Form" and the required documents attached with this publication to [email protected]    

  Application Deadline: 28 February 2024 at 14:00 hours

  Note: Candidates who are shortlisted will be contacted regarding the interview process

22 February 2024