Male' Water and Sewerage Company Pvt Ltd.
Malas Residence Surveillance Project


Male’ Water and Sewerage Company is seeking proposals for Cabling and Installation of IP Camera’s at Malas residence tower.

Scope of Works

MWSC would prefer to use a single contractor. MWSC will evaluate the response to this RFP with consideration for both one-time costs and operating costs through the term.

  • The contractor must provide all necessary equipment, including items needed for neat cabling and installation. (Hard/Flexible Conduit pipes).
  • Two monitors need to be installed for client viewing at the guard post and another for administrative use in server room.
  • After completing the installation, the contractor should provide the Malas Residence Interim Committee with comprehensive documentation, including equipment details, a network diagram, and operational instructions.
  • On every floor from the 1st to the 14th, there will be 4 cameras positioned at the corners of the walkways. In addition, each of the 3 elevators will have 1 camera installed. Inside the ground floor area, there will be 4 cameras situated along the walkways, overseeing both the walkway and the play area. There will be 15 cameras for the staircases. Furthermore, there will be 4 cameras designated for the 2 parking areas (2 cameras on each side). An extra camera will be dedicated to the waste room. Additionally, the building's exterior will be monitored by a total of 8 outdoor perimeter cameras, with 2 cameras on each side of the building.
  • Remaining cameras should be handed over to Interim Committee to stock.






Eligibility Criteria

Interested and competent contractors wishing to carry out the above project must submit the following documents with the Expression of Interest.

  • Business Registration Certificate.
  • GST registration certificate (If GST is not registered, please provide a Mira registration copy).



To be registered in the tendering process, interested bidders must attend the information session as per the tender schedule, Hence only the participants who attend pre-bid/information session will be eligible to attend the bid submission and submit the bid proposal.


Tender Schedule:



Date & Time



Information Session

21st September 2023, 11:00 Hrs.

MWSC CS Building, 6th Floor

Ameenee Magu, Male’,



Submission of Proposal & Proposal Opening

24th September 2023, 11:00 Hrs.

MWSC CS Building, 6th Floor

Ameenee Magu, Male’,


For further information, please contact Procurement Department (+960) 332 3209, 7667240.


Procurement Department

Male Water & Sewerage Company Pvt Ltd

19 September 2023