Maldive Gas Pvt. Ltd.
Due to few changes in TOR for the tender notice dated 02nd August 2023, No. (MGPL-I/PD/2023/13) has been retendered for Servicing and Docking Gasmaa Dhoani


Maldive Gas Pvt Ltd invites all interested to parties to submit sealed bids for the Servicing and Docking Gasmaa Dhoani as per instruction given by Maldive Gas. Request for Proposal is attached with this invitation.  


Pre-Bid Session:

A pre bid information session will be held on the 14:00 Hrs (local time) 14th September 2023  at Maldive Gas Pvt Ltd (#02-21, 2nd Floor, S.T.O Trade Centre, Orchid Magu, Male’)


Bid Submission:

Bids shall be delivered to Maldive Gas Pvt Ltd (#02-21, 2nd Floor, S.T.O Trade Centre, Orchid Magu, Male’) on 14:00 Hrs. (local time) on 21st September 2023 and will be opened in the presence of bidders. Late bids will be rejected.



For any clarifications, please email your queries to [email protected] before 14:00 Hrs, 17th September 2023.



• Prices can only be submitted by experienced bidders.
• Maldives Gas Pvt Ltd reserves the right to reject incomplete bids. The company also reserves the right to cancel this announcement at any time.
• For further information, please contact the Procurement Department on 3335614
• Terms of Reference are attached to this notice.


07 September 2023