Regional Airports Company Limited
Recruitment - HRF Airport


Firefighter Trainee

Required No.



Hoarafushi Airport

Minimum Qualification & Experience

Completed O’ Levels with 2 passes


Additional requirement:

  • Complete the physical fitness test (IPPT+PAT)
  • Complete Basic Airport Firefighter Course


  • Attend to aircraft / domestic incidents and accidents and perform rescue and firefighting operations/ duties.
  • Attend to all fires/emergencies.
  • Perform special services. Wash down fuel spillage, fire escort, hot work standby, fueling standby, hazardous cargo standby etc. (Ref SOP)
  • Participate in drill. lectures, fire exercises and physical training
  • Perform cleaning and upkeep of fire station and fire equipment.
  • Inspect, test and report on fire safety equipment under ARFF
  • Check all available items and equipment carried on ARFF fire Vehicles / vessels and ascertain their service ability.
  • Perform Watch Room Duty
  • Maintain a state of alertness.
  • Be familiar with and follow ARFF Standard Operating Procedures
  • Shall be medically and physically fit as per ARFF Medical/physical Requirement (refer SOP).

Basic Salary

MVR 8,000

Daily Allowance per working day

MVR 150

Application Process: Send the complete "Job Application Form" attached with this publication to [email protected]  

Application Deadline: 13 June 2023 16:00 hours

04 June 2023