Regional Airports Company Limited
Recruitment - FND Airport


Security Agents

Required No.



Funadhoo Airport

Minimum Qualification & Experience

Basic literacy with minimum 2 years of experience


 Completed O’ Levels with 3 passes

Additional requirement:

Able to read and write in English.

Complete the physical fitness test (IPPT)

Pass the medical exam


  • Conduct regular patrols for suspicious activity or persons.
  • Identify and report to supervisor all potential and observed violations of airport security policy.
  • Respond promptly and rationally to all emergencies.
  • Respond to all safety hotline calls promptly and efficiently.
  • Assist with heavy luggage transport as needed.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas.
  • Inspected all vehicles prior to entering restricted operational areas.
  • Monitor travelers and staff for unusual or suspicious behavior.
  • Identify and direct any suspects to supervisor.
  • Coordinated with other airport staff in upholding security operations.

Basic Salary

MVR 6,500

Daily Allowance per working day

MVR 150

Application Process: Send the complete "Job application form" attached with this publication to [email protected]  

Application Deadline: 16 April 2023 14:00 hours

08 April 2023