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Reference Number:(IUL)202-A/1/2019/113

Date: 24th October 2019, Thursday





Maldives Transport Authority (MTA) is seeking a qualified and experienced ICT Consultant. This position requires the candidate to participate actively in the development cycle of the software applications, web-based services, and maintenance of existing information systems.


By the end of the term the following outcomes are expected to be delivered by the ICT consultant.

-          An electronic platform that facilitates general public to lodge standard information and documents with a single-entry point to access to the services provided by MTA.

-          Provide medium of data exchange amongst government and non-government organization to enable sharing of harmonized data.

-          Replace existing obsoleted information systems.

-          Build in-house capacity to take over the projects and maintenance by the end of the term.



1 year (Renewable based on performance)


Key tasks and responsibilities

-          Gather system requirements for the unsolved problems and existing information systems to better automate and standardize business functions by conferring with users; studying systems flow, data usage, and work processes; investigating problem areas; following the software development lifecycle.

-          Investigate, analyze and make recommendations to management regarding technology improvements, upgrades, and modifications.

-          Determine operational feasibility by evaluating analysis, problem definition, requirements, solution development, and proposed solutions.

-          Development of software application systems as per the management requirements.

-          Work with end-users and internal staff to provide proactive support to resolve issues effectively and efficiently.

-          Write, revise and maintain software program documentation, operation manuals, and user guides.

-          Develop a mobile application for the online services to ease the user experience for its users.

-          Improve operations by conducting systems analysis; recommending changes in policies and procedures.

-          Provide information by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing development and service issues.


Mandatory requirement

  1. The applicant should pass the mandatory practical exam.
  2.  Degree or a higher qualification in Software Engineering/IT/Computer Science
  3. Experience in Open source technologies and other application development environments.
  4. Experience in Software Development with a minimum 5 years.
  5. Applicant should have a strong background in Systems design and implementation (modelling and documentation), including knowledge and experience with Systems lifecycle development methodologies.
  6. Comprehensive knowledge and experience in developing web application using PHP web frameworks particularly Laravel.
  7. Excellent knowledge and work experience on designing and developing complex enterprise level software applications.
  8. A solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, and best development practices.
  9. Strong knowledge of the common PHP or web server exploits and their solution.
  10. Proficient understanding of code versioning tools preferably GIT.
  11. Experience in quality code reviews of other developers.
  12. Experience as a lead developer, supervising developers.
  13. Strong communication, problem solving skills and the ability to meet deadlines in a fast paced environment.
  14. Ability to focus under pressure and deal with ambiguity.
  15. Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills.
  16. The ability to work well in a team environment.


Note : In the event, no candidate meets the above-mentioned requirements and criteria, a candidate holding a relevant MQA level 5 diploma, with 5 years of working experience in the field of IT shall be considered as an eligible candidate.


Added advantage

-          Strong programming background with knowledge in modular based programming and use of emerging trends.

-          Good graphics skills and knowledge in UI design to improve usability.

-          Mobile Application Development skills for both IOS and Android.

-          Knowledge in full software development cycle including project formulating, version control and maintenance after deployment.

-          Project Management Skills – Good planning, scheduling, and analytic skills.

-          Good writing skills in Dhivehi and English.

-          Preferences would be given to individuals with demonstrated skills in implementing unit testing and integration testing.


Personal skills & competencies

-          Strong commitment and willingness to work outside normal working hours when required

-          Strong interpersonal skills.

-          Ability to asses and communicate issues clearly.

-          Strong problem-solving skills.

-          Attention to detail.

-          Strong time management skills.

-          Ability to work under pressure and deliver project objectives.


Working hours : Working hours in Maldives Transport Authority in Male’ shall be 08:00 to 14:00 from Sunday to Thursday excluding the Government holidays.


Remuneration : Successful candidate will be paid an all-inclusive monthly fee, depending on qualification and experience.


The assignment duration : Duration of the assignment shall be a period of 12 calendar months with the option of reviewing the performance of the IT Consultant every three months. MTA reserves the right to terminate services where the consultant is not able to perform the tasks outlined in this TOR.


Services and facilities to be provided by MTA

A)    MTA will provide the IT Consultant with adequate equipment, workspace, and communication facilities required for the execution of works in MTA.

B)    Leave entitlement: All the national/public holidays that are observed by the Government of Maldives.

C)    Any other absence or leave from input days uninformed apart from mentioned above will have a deduction of 1/22 of the monthly salary per day.



The job applications should comprise the following documentation and late submission of any of the documents will not be accepted:

-          Letter requesting for the job.

-          Copy of national identity card or passport.

-          Copies of accredited and attested academic certificates.

-          Portfolio of Work Completed.

-          Copies of reference produced by previous employers.

-          CV.



The candidate shall be evaluated in the following categories.

a)      Educational Qualification – 20%

b)      Experience (related field) – 15%

c)      Other areas outlined in TOR – 15%

d)      Practical Exam – 25%

e)      Interview – 25%


Further information

Further information will be provided upon request through email to [email protected]

In this context, the Maldives Transport Authority invites interested candidates to send applications, along with relevant documents to:


Maldives Transport Authority

Huravee Building 1st Floor, 20114,

Ameeru Ahmed Mahu Male’,

Republic of Maldives.

Phone: + (960) 3343420

OR Email to: [email protected]


Due Date: 07th

28 އޮކްޓޫބަރު 2019