Ministry of Environment
Assignment Title: Supply and Installation of GEF UNIDO UPOPs and PCBs Project

The Government of the Republic of Maldives has received funding from United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) for the “Implementation of an environmentally sound management of municipal and hazardous solid waste to reduce emissions from unintentional POPs and PCBs”. The project has a component to upgrade waste management centres to islands in order to eliminate open burning of waste to reduce uPoPs emission from selected islands of Bodufolhudhoo, Maalhos and Mathiveri, North Aril Atoll, Maldives.

The Ministry of Environment (the employer), cancel the first invitation to bid no.  (IUL)438-ENV/438/2019/185  due to low interest and second invitation for bid submission for eligible and qualified bidders for the Supply and Installation of Waste Management Machineries.

Qualifications requirements are stated in the Bidding Document.

The Bidder shall be registered to submit a bid. Registration will be from the date of advertisement to 28st August 2019 between 08:30 hours and 13:30 hours on all working days at the reception of Ministry of Environment. Bidder may register via email stating the project name, Invitation number, Company name and contact Number.

Prebid Meeting

The prebid meeting will be held on 29th August 2019 (Thurday) at 10:00am at   Ministry of Environment, Male’, Maldives.

Bid Security, Performance Security and Advance Payment

The Bidder shall furnish a bid Security of MVR 15,000.00 (Maldivian Rufiya NineThousand) Performance security amount of is 5 % of the total proposed bid amount. Advance Payment upto 15% would be available as per the tender document.

Bid Openinging and Bid Validity

Bid shall be delivered to the address specified below, on Sunday 13:00hours,  Maldivian Time on 05th September 2019, at which time they will be opened in the presence   of theBidders who wish to attend the bid opening. Late bids will be rejected.Bids shall be valid for a period of 120 days from the day of bid opening.

Any Clarifications to the project may be sent to the address below on or before  Sunday 28th August 2019, 1330hrs Maldivian time.  Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours  [0830hrs to 1330hrs].

Project : UPOPs and PCBs Supply and Installation of Waste Manamgement Machineries Tender

Procurement Unit

Ministry of Environment

Handhuvaree Hingun, Male’, Maldives


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26 August 2019