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REF No: PRO-AD/2019/001



Terms of Reference for The Hire of a Project Consultant for the Civil works to be done on the 3000M3 LPG Spherical Tank Construction Project

G.Dh.Thinadoo, Republic of Maldives.














Terms of Reference for Project Consultant (Civil Works): Storage expansion Project at G.DH.Thinadoo

Post Level

Project Consultant – Civil Works of the  ground and  Concrete   foundations of the Spherical Tanks to be built at GDH.Thinadhoo


Male and G.Dh. Thinadoo, Republic of Maldives.


Initial Contract – 04 months

Expected Duration of Assignment

02-04 months

Application Deadline

27th January 2019 ( Sunday ) , 1500hours Local Time

Type of Contract

Consultancy Contract

Languages Required



  1. 1.     Background and Justification.

Maldive Gas Private Limited Male’, Republic of Maldives is in requirement of a Project Consultant to carry out the project consultancy services in relation to the construction, supervision of the civil works carried out on the concrete foundation works to be built up on the 3000M3 LPG Spherical Tank Project in G.Dh. Thinadoo, Republic of Maldives. Thinadoo is an island located 80 km to the south of Male the Capital of the Republic of Maldives. The project aims to enhance LPG storage capacity of Maldive Gas Private Limited (MGPL) in order to:

  1. Import larger parcels (> 1000mt) at any given time via ocean tankers.
  2. Provide an uninterrupted service to existing customers Maldive Gas.
  3. To improve sales and thus increase the market share of MGPL, with improved reliability of supply.

The prospective bidders are advised to conduct a site visit and find out other necessary details to meet the specific needs of the project.

  1. 2.     Scope of Work and Objectives.

Under the direction of the Maldive Gas Private Limited and along with the Project Manager, the Consultant will:

  1. Prepare the TOR - for tendering purpose.

It is the intent of MGPL to hire a potential party/contractor for the task of the civil works involved on the Spherical Tank Foundations as per the Design Drawings provided by the Project Contractor. The prepared TOR documents shall be used on the tendering and selection of the mentioned civil works contractor.


  1. Supervision of Construction Works      

            It will be the responsibility of the Consultant to supervise all operations involved on the built up of the foundations on behalf of MGPL and to ensure that the work is carried out in a proper workmanship and in accordance with relevant codes.

  1. The Consultant will check, approve, reject and record, as the case may be, amongst other things the following:

            -           Contractors machinery and equipment

            -           Construction Materials

            -           Testing procedures and results

            -           Inexperienced staff and labour.

            Review and approve all methods proposed by the Civil Contractor for the works, to ensure conformity with relevant codes and that the work can be carried out safely and in accordance with recognized / accepted practices.

      4.   Issue of Instructions to the Civil Contractor.

4.1        The services will include issuing of field instructions in writing as required relating to:

  •  Quality of materials used in the works
  •  Equipment and methods of construction
  •  Supervision, checking and testing of work carried out
  • Clarification of drawings and specifications.
  • Progress of work to ensure that agreed work program is adhered to.

4.2        The Consultant shall not give any instructions which in his opinion are likely to increase the cost of works without the prior approval of the Project Manager, MGPL.


     5.                Approval of Payments to the Contractor.


5.1        The consultant shall, in parallel with the civil Contractor, make field measurements of all works done, which will be required for checking and certifying the Civil Contractors Invoices.


5.2        Certify all of the Contractors statements within the time specified in the contract and forward to Project Manager, MGPL for arranging payment.


5.3        The Consultant shall, during the course of works, arrange with the Project Manager to keep accurate records of all dates and quantities of work carried out, all payments made to the Contractor.




   6.                  Reporting and Meetings.

6.1        The Consultant will keep the Project Manager; MGPL continually informed on the progress of the works, by submitting to him the following reports:


  • Quality of equipment and material supplied to site, used and/or stored.
  • Payments made to the Contractor.    
  • Acceptance tests of work done - problems encountered and recommendation made by the Consultant.
  • Photographs recording the progress of work.
  • Final report on completion of works. The Consultant will prepare and advice on the issue of the Initial and Final Hand-Over Certificates.


6.2        Arrange site meetings with Contractor and the MGPL Team where necessary to discuss progress and quality of works, and resolve any problems encountered if any.




     7.                Delivery of “As Built” Drawings.


7.1        The Consultant shall at the completion of the project, provide the Project Manager, MGPL, a full copy of the As-built drawings which are recording any changes in the original working drawings.



8.         Competencies & Qualifications of the personnel


  • 05+ years’ experience in technical and managerial areas related to the construction industry.
  • Multi discipline exposure to the industry related activities.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and objectivity



12.        Application Procedure


The application package containing the following to be e-mailed to


  • Brief description of why the applicant considers her/himself the most suitable for the position,
  • Personal CV indicating all past experience from similar projects and specifying email and telephone contacts of at least three (3) references,
  • Financial proposal should specify an all-inclusive monthly fee.

-           Must be all-inclusive and take into account various expenses that will be incurred during the contract including: cost of travel from the home base to duty station and vice versa.



Contract Awarding:     Within 15 days of bid submission    

13.        Evaluation Procedure


The evaluation of the consultant will be based on Combined Scoring method– where the technical qualifications and methodology is given 60% weightage and financial offer with be given 40% weightage.






Technical 60%

Corporate Profile

Past Projects - Include at least 2 reports from previous projects undertaken by the bidder within the past 05 years on projects of similar scope and effort

Methodology, activities, Work plan, experience and skills etc. - share a work plan specifying the tasks to be performed

Experience and skills in conducting project consultation and documentation especially in the field construction and civil works.


Financial ( price ) 40%


Financial evaluation will be done as follows:





 SCORE FOR PRICE PROPOSAL  X  =  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------






While submitting the Technical Proposal, the Applicant shall, in particular, ensure to attach the following:

  1. Corporate Profile.
  2. Profile of the consultant explaining why they are the most suitable for the work.
  3. Relevant Experience  - Name of the client/ title of projects handled/year & duration of such projects/scope of the projects/project references
  4. Recent CV
  5. Separate proposals to be submitted for the Technical and Financial part of the project.


The financial proposal shall specify a total lump sum amount comprising an all-inclusive monthly fee. (Including a breakdown of costs for fee, travel and any expenses that may occur).



14.        Application Deadlines



Tender notice date and issuance of TOR: 20th January 2019.  

Last date for Queries: 24st January 2019

Deadline for Receipt of Proposals:  1500hours @ 27th January 2019  

* All submitted bids will be opened on this date.



All correspondences to be addressed to Procurement Department of Maldive Gas Pvt Ltd

Emails @ ,Procurement Manager




20 January 2019