Housing Development Corporation
Announcement - Vendor Registration


1st September 2019


Announcement No: HDC (161) PRO/IU/2019/103


Housing development Corporation Ltd (HDC) intends to develop and maintain a vendor database which will assist in efficient administration and utilization of company resources.

This database intends to be a credible source of information of accredited suppliers and prospective providers of goods and services. The main purpose of developing and maintaining such database is to offer all prospective vendors a fair, transparent and equal opportunity when applying for business opportunities.

Upon 30 days from the date of this announcement, only registered vendors will be applicable for business transactions. However, the vendors who are not accredited will not be exempted for quoting for tenders. Nonetheless, they are required to complete the vendor registration process before the bid submission.

Hence, we are inviting all the interested local and foreign, vendors seeking registration as an approved Vendor of HDC.


Interested parties may obtain the application form on HDC’s website, from the link https://hdc.com.mv/downloads/.

We invite, all the interested parties to register for an information session. The information sessions will be held as per the schedule below and interested parties are advised to select their preferred option which fits their calendar. To register for the information session, please send us an email, with a name of the company, preferred option (from the schedule below) and name of the representative, to vendors@hdc.com.mv.


Schedule for the information sessions;


Time & Date


Session 1

16:00hrs, 5th September 2019

Housing Development Corporation Ltd., Ground Floor, HDC Building, Hulhumale’

Session 2

16:00hrs, 12th September 2019

Housing Development Corporation Ltd., Ground Floor, HDC Building, Hulhumale’

Session 3

16:00hrs, 19th September 2019

Housing Development Corporation Ltd., Ground Floor, HDC Building, Hulhumale’



Our current procurement requirements are categorized into the following business groups. Hence, we highly recommend all the parties who fits into the following business groups to register as an accredited vendor of HDC.


Business groups;


 01-Accommodation                                                     17-Advertising

 02-Alarm Services & Equipment, fire rescue                   18-Catering

 03-Cleaning Services                                                 19-Communication Services

 04-Computer Equipment’s/hardware/software               20-Conference/Training Facilities

 05-Construction/Renovation & Maintenance                  21-Consulting

 06-Consumables                                                      22-Designing

 07-Entertainment                                                     23-Fuel & Lubricants

 08-Furniture                                                            24-Garments and Related Materials

 09-Hardware                                                           25-Insurance

 10-Marine Services/Equipment’s                                26-Network Related Equipment’s

 11-Pest Controls                                                     27-Photography/Videography/Audiography

 12-Printing                                                             28-Real Estate

 13-Rentals                                                             29-Repair & Maintenance of Equipment’s

 14-Security Services                                                 30-Stationeries

 15-Transport (air/land/sea) & Related service             31-Utility Services

 16-Valuation/Inspection                                          32-Vehicles/Vessels













For further information regarding vendor registration, please contact us on +960 335 5336.




Yours Sincerely,



Yasir Hassan

Procurement Manager

Housing Development Corporation Ltd.

01 September 2019